Release Date 2015


Album(download “Sun King” for free here)


  • Recorded between november 2013 and may 2015 by DanyRusso at RdAudio Recording Studio (Pesaro Italy)

    Mixed and mastered by DanyRusso at RdAudio Recording Studio (Pesaro Italy)

    All songs written and arranged by DanyRusso

    DanyRusso Guitars – Bass – Keyboards – Vocal – Backing vocals and computer programming

    Valentina Piccione Vocals on “Leaving for planet” and “Trinity”

    Roberto Spagnolo Saxophone on “The cure”

    Laura Mancini art cover design

    Mark Cenciarini art cd label design

    Special thanks to: Vanessa Chiappa (you are so precious honey) – Paolo Mariello – Cristina Sacchi – Stefano Russo – Alessandro and Giorgio Giacomi –

    Thomas and Leonardo Festa – Barbara Paoletti – Mattia Pranzo – Luca Balducci – Daniele Ridolfi – Simona Sorbara – Gege Urbinati – Michele Vannucchi – Alberto Spillo Arduini – and to everyone who has spent time for me and my CD…

    … in loving memory of my beloved brother…

Album Song

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